SULA Partners with Tracy Soccer League

SULA’s new Partnership!

SULA is SO proud to announce their most recent partnership with Tracy Soccer League. 

Life is funny and sometimes it puts you in a situation you are very surprised about.  One day, I was at an appearance for the Bay Area Breeze (I just walked around a tournament, but appearance sounds so much better).  I was there promoting a clinic and met a really cool family. Let me explain a little more about why things happen that sometimes shock me…this family wasn’t even there for the tournament I was supposed to be working.

As we started talking, Kimberly Lucero told me that she and her business partners just took over a recreational program in Tracy, CA. Wow. What a great adventure for her! So, in return I bragged a little bit about how awesome SULA is. Flash forward to this past week. Her new league, the Tracy Soccer League and SULA Soccer Training are partnering up to make this league something special! And all because she decided to go to that park, on that day!

Amazed and excited. SULA can’t wait to get started and to watch this league grow.

Thank you to the Lucero family for wanting some sunshine that warm summer day and to Kimberly for taking the time out to tell me about her adventure. Now, we are in this together!!!

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