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The Women Behind Sula Soccer

Soccer one-on-one with Brand & Thom

Drills with Sula Soccer Founders Alena Thom & Sam Brand

We travel. A lot. That just happens when you’re a female soccer player. Seasons in the U.S. are short. Playing for other countries can extend play time. Between seasons and between countries, we travel.

We realized that we’ve got a lot of experience and a lot of know how from all this playing. And the play book for becoming a women’s pro soccer player is still being written. It seemed to us that we have a lot to share with kids who were once like us — hungry for the game and with a desire to play soccer in college and beyond.

That’s when it hit us! We could start sharing our skills and advice now, between seasons, while we are traveling. SULA soccer is the how to our why: to start giving back into a community that has given us so much already.

Meet the Sula Coaches

Alena Thom

Samantha Brand

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