Giving Back

Sharing the Universal Language across America (SULA)

SULA soccer clinics are coached and organized by two individuals who play women’s soccer at the professional level, Alena Thom and Sam Brand. This sport is our passion and a way of life. In playing soccer across America and in other countries, we’ve noticed something. No matter where we go in the world – whether on non profit trips or on for-profit teams – pulling out a soccer ball breaks through language and social barriers. It has allowed us to connect with people of any age, gender, nationality and class. And we love that. A soccer career takes one on an incredible journey. Coaches that teach and mentor us with generosity of knowledge humble us time and again. Playing alongside wonderful teammates, many of whom are now dear friends, make us feel privileged. We are inspired to give because of people like past host families who open their homes to us when we are far from our own. And we are forever grateful for our family and friends who support us as we follow our dreams.

So we’ve incorporated giving back into our mission. Whether it be a percentage of proceeds from each clinic or donating our time, we will be looking for ways to give back in each community we visit. We invite each player participating in our clinics to join us in giving back by becoming part of SULA.

If you have an idea for SULA to give back in your community, please Contact Us.

Here’s a video made as a thank you to SULA by Rob Clark at East Elementary School

SULA Spends a day with East Elementary School!

SULA Sprouts!

Merced United FC U-16 Girls Clinic






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