SULA 4 Haiti

We want to give people the opportunity to do their part to help Haiti on a very personal level. Even though it’s been two years since the devastating earthquake, Haiti is still in recovery. Everything in Haiti is rebuilding including the Football Federation, the girls on the team and their families.

The Olympic Qualifiers have opened our eyes to a network of individuals and businesses who are still supporting this country and team.  Canada has been very generous to Haiti. Many things the team needed were provided: The required second set of uniforms for every player, goal keeper gloves and even individuals stepped up to raise money for the girls.

SULA wants to help the girls directly. Your donations will help provide equipment and living stipends. Many of these girls also have the responsibility of supporting their families and we want 100% of the proceeds going directly to the players.

We are accepting donations a few different ways: Paypal and of course, the good ol’ fashioned way: via snail mail.  We won’t be able to give you a tax right off, but we have the ability to work directly with the players. We will follow up with you about how your donation is being used to help bring positive change in Haiti.


(Please note that a small PayPal transaction fee will be taken out of the donation)


Make checks payable to SULA Soccer and in the memo please write SULA 4 Haiti. Any personal messages are absolutely welcome!! Please include an email address so we can confirm the arrival of your donation.

Mail to:

SULA 4 Haiti
c/o:Alena Thom
616 Speer Dr.
Jefferson City, MO 65109

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