Hey SULA Players and SULA Admirers!

SULA would like to introduce you to our new 2014 Monthly Challenge! Since it’s the beginning of what we KNOW will be an amazing year, we are going to start with something exciting. Drumrolllll……..



This month, let’s all work to learn ONE new move to totally Juke your opponent. What does “Juke” mean you ask?

Juke: The term “juke” is believed to derive from the Gullah word joog, meaning rowdy or disorderly (according to Wikipedia).

Rowdy huh? Well, send us videos of your most “rowdy” soccer moves and at the end of the month, we will feature the best “Juke ‘Em January” video on our website! Contact Us if you have any questions or need a suggestion of a move to learn for your skill and age level.


So….what are you waiting for?! Go get rowdy!!!



SULA Reflects on 2013

SULA’s reflection on 2013. Sometimes in life, things just don’t turn out the way you imagined. No matter how awesome you think an idea is, it may not be the one you’re meant to pursue. You may be heading straight toward a path you deeply desire and consider to be the best option for you, and life can quickly steer you another direction.

SULA founders experienced this in 2013. And you know what, it was for the better. No doubt that there was sadness and disappointment for what we thought we were meant to do, but it’s funny how one opportunity lost can result in many more amazing opportunities found. Yes, DUSL, I’m talking about you.

SULA founders had the rare opportunity to work for a good boss. I know, crazy right? Bosses come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are more like Commander in Chiefs who you not dare make angry, some are more like friends you go out to dinner with after work. There are very few bosses who can ride the line between being a professional and respected authority figure and being your bestie. I believe that our leader at DUSL, Nick Lusson, has found the magic combination. He’s very well respected by the staff, but doesn’t let the job consume him into acting as if he does no wrong. I’ve had an amazing year working with him and most importantly learning from him. As a matter of fact, all of the staff at DUSL, from volunteer coaches/parents all the way to the Board, you’re all pretty awesome!

Here are some quick tips from Nick and his right hand man Jovan, for all who do not have a boss as cool as mine:

Don’t freak out, everything will be ok

Don’t let the job take over your life, find time for your needs to be met

It’s ok to fail, as long as you learn from it and are better because of it

And the best advice he has ever given me is ASK FOR HELP IF YOU NEED HELP. Simple right? WRONG. This is probably one of the hardest things for anyone who is learning a new job to do. Will my boss think I’m incompetent? Will he think I inflated my resume to get this job? Am I going to get fired for not knowing how to do this already? Those are just a few worries we all face when we take a new job. The funny thing is, it’s new. No matter how many times you’ve done that exact job throughout your life, each work environment is different, each boss has his own agenda and way to go about business, and you are ever changing as well.

So, all this rambling means is that 2013 was awesome. We got to meet a ton of new and talented soccer players, got to work for a boss who knew how to respect and foster his employees (who were all amazing as well) and we were blessed beyond what we could’ve ever foreseen.


Bring it on 2014!!

SULA Returns to OK!

SULA is excited to announce that we will be coming back to Oklahoma for some Holiday fun! There will be small clinics, big clinics, and all those in between. We can’t wait to see how much those we’ve worked with have grown and to meet tons of new players ready to better their skills!

Want SULA to come do a clinic near you this winter? Contact Us HERE!!! 



SULA Made it to Haiti

“SULA Made it to Haiti!”

A while ago, we got equipment from a U16 team called Merced United. They had collected equipment and didn’t know where they wanted to donate it. Then SULA came across their desk and a really awesome thing happened.

Here are some pictures of a couples teams in Haiti who benefited from the warm hearts of that same U16 team in Merced, CA. It’s a wonder how influential kids can be, how a simple cleat drive can touch people they didn’t even know. SULA is so happy to be “in” Haiti and hope that Merced United can see this and forever know that the equipment they donated is being put to great use!!

Merci Merced United!

SULA Partners with Tracy Soccer League

SULA’s new Partnership!

SULA is SO proud to announce their most recent partnership with Tracy Soccer League. 

Life is funny and sometimes it puts you in a situation you are very surprised about.  One day, I was at an appearance for the Bay Area Breeze (I just walked around a tournament, but appearance sounds so much better).  I was there promoting a clinic and met a really cool family. Let me explain a little more about why things happen that sometimes shock me…this family wasn’t even there for the tournament I was supposed to be working.

As we started talking, Kimberly Lucero told me that she and her business partners just took over a recreational program in Tracy, CA. Wow. What a great adventure for her! So, in return I bragged a little bit about how awesome SULA is. Flash forward to this past week. Her new league, the Tracy Soccer League and SULA Soccer Training are partnering up to make this league something special! And all because she decided to go to that park, on that day!

Amazed and excited. SULA can’t wait to get started and to watch this league grow.

Thank you to the Lucero family for wanting some sunshine that warm summer day and to Kimberly for taking the time out to tell me about her adventure. Now, we are in this together!!!

Game Against Australia!!

2015 Women’s World Cup
Here We Come!!

So, soccer is weird. Sometimes we are really happy about very little accomplishments to the common eye. For instance, this man who plays basketball always told me that it was more fun to watch basketball because there’s this huge ball, huge people, a small net, and a million points. In soccer, we have one HUGE net, and we get very excited about one little ol’ goal (his words not mine). When you read this, bare in mind that us soccer players don’t get to score a ton, so we take pride in the little things.

Onto the game against Australia. Now, before I tell you the score, if I even will, let me tell you that I’ve played with this team for over three years and I haven’t seen them play this well in a very long time. Discipline. That is one of the demons in any professional athlete wanting to get better. Don’t eat Taco Bell. Don’t eat donuts. Don’t eat all the best worst food in the world. How? Discipline. And just for the record, I eat all of those things.  We had SO MUCH discipline. And that is a struggle for all teams playing in a new system with new teammates. You want to default to doing what feels comfortable instead of what the “team plan” is. I fall accustom to this often. Especially when I am forced to not run when it feels like I should. Discipline. I need more of that.

The team looked amazing. Did I mention that Australia is No. 8 in the world right now and it wasn’t a blow out! They scored all of their goals within the first 30 minutes. Then we got disciplined. And they didn’t score again. It’s amazing what an underdog (and I only say underdog because Haiti isn’t even in the top 50 teams), it’s amazing what we can do if we stay disciplined. I am always amazed by my team. The strength. The will to continue. The pure ability for our forward, Manoucheka Pierre Louis to do a bicycle kick mid-game! I almost forgot about that. Again. Amazed.

So, unfortunately, I had to leave them again, BUT they get to go home when they haven’t in a very long time. Families are missed, their home cooked meals are missed, and of course, being able to speak their own language ALL the time is sorely missed.

Even though I can’t wait to play with my sisters again, it’s great that they are going home to see their OTHER loved ones. I am so proud to have had the opportunity to play with my team tonight. M’ap sonje ekip mwen!

Right Place, Right Time

Have you ever caught yourself asking “why me?” Why am I not taller? Why can’t I run faster? Why is it that my sister got the long hair? Obviously, I’ve asked a few “why’s” in my day. But do you ever notice that we only question life when it isn’t going our way? Well, today I discovered an answer to a “why” that I hadn’t even asked because it must not have made the “why” cut; possibly because it was too positive.

Let me explain. I met two men today who kind of made me realize the impact of me being here can make. These men and I share a very important common goal: help the Women’s Haiti National Team get the respect they deserve. They are amazing. They are strong. I wish everyone in the world knew this. How could I do something to make that happen? This too has crossed my mind along with the endless list of “why’s” over the past few years being a part of this team. The incredible part of today was that I figured out why I am here in Lafayette, IN right now. I was meant to meet these men. I was meant to meet people who are so passionate about helping that they couldn’t keep from coming here to see the team.

One of the men I was fortunate to meet is named Peterson Jerome, the other is Jean Pierre (no, I did not make a typo, Peterson has a last name as a first name and a first name as a last name…). Peterson came to America from Haiti when he was 17, went to school, then became a professional soccer player here. Wow. Right? Not only would that be tough because of uprooting yourself in every sense of the word, but because I hear English isn’t the easiest language to just pick up at 17 years old. But he prevailed. And now, today, he reminded me of a feelings I recently wrote about..lucky and blessed. I know this next phrase is really cliche and used way too much, but I really was at the right place at the right time. A very HUGE answer to a “why am I here” that I haven’t even asked yet. No doubt, I was meant to meet him. Possibly my new hero.

Now he is here in the states and is making a difference each and everyday. Here is his website Please go see what this man is doing for youth today!

Today is gone and tomorrow we play Australia. I am extremely excited to put on Haiti colors and play next to my sisters, my family.

I can’t wait!

First Days in Indiana

Yesterday was my first day with the team. Boy have I missed them. They all came to pick us up for training. Every time I see them again after being away, it’s like a scene straight out of a movie. There’s a whole lot of laughing, smiling and unnecessarily  long jogging sequences that end in warm embraces where I’m usually lifted off the ground a couple times. If you don’t have an image yet, just watch the last scene of “Love Actually” where everyone is meeting their loved ones in an airport. I never feel as welcome as when I’m welcomed by my Haiti girls.

Although that was exciting, I should’ve saved more energy for practice, or should I say my two practices. The morning practice shouldn’t have been hard at all, but after traveling, a lot of simple tasks seem taxing. Waking up was one of those tough but necessary tasks I speak of. The second practice, we had a game. Yes. A game. Against men. Again, you read correctly, men. I was beat after the warm up, so you know that I was not in the best of predicament in the game. I was also  unaware that I am able to hold a grown man on my back as we both fell to the ground until yesterday‘s game. I should have told him that I charge a quarter for piggy back rides. I guess I’ll add it to my new coach’s tab. Either way, we played very well. We scored an amazing goal and stayed disciplined in the final 20 minutes and played some of the best soccer I’ve seen this team play. All in all, the day was long, but so glad to be back with my family.
Today, the simple task of getting up was not so simple. But I triumphed. We walked over to IHOP and I had a large stack of chocolate chip pancakes. Then we walked around WAL MART looking at sales we couldn’t participate in. Then we had a fun and short practice. But, throughout the day, I realized there’s a universal difference between what a coach thinks is an easy practice and what us players think is an easy practice. Someday I’ll crack that code.
I did recognize something, though. I’ve come in at the end of this season for these girls. Sometimes, when we get comfortable with our staff, we forget how amazing they are. So, to the FC Indiana staff, you’re amazing.  I appreciate everything you’ve done for these girls. And to my Breezy staff, I miss you dearly!!!
See you soon!

“Seize the Day”

Today was a long day of travel. Yes, folks, I am traveling yet again. I left this afternoon to head to play with the Haiti National team in Indiana. We will play Australia on September 13, 2012. I am beyond excited to see my team tomorrow. I have missed them and wasn’t expecting to see them for quite some time.

As you can imagine, this has been quite the turn around for me. I got back from Europe on the 27th and just moved into a new apartment yesterday. So, life has been busy busy busy these past two weeks leading up to coming here. But isn’t that what makes the life of a woman’s pro athlete worth while? One second we could be moving into a new apartment, and in an instant you could be in Indiana at 2am writing a blog to all of your adoring fans. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love this sport and the experiences it brings to my life.
I wasn’t sure if I would make it here today. I didn’t get much information about this trip until a couple days ago. I also was very uneasy about leaving so soon after coming back from a pretty taxing trip. I’ve actually been complaining about that fact. “I just got back….I just moved into a new place…My back hurts from picking up way heavier than me furniture….” and so on and so forth. But when I sit back, here in the bathroom (because my roommate is sleeping), and think about what I am about to do tomorrow, I can’t help but feel like this is all a dream. I can’t help but kick myself for how ungrateful I can be sometimes. Do you ever just sit back and count all the good in your life? I know I count the bad all too much.

Well, today I am counting the good. I am here, in Indiana, where I will meet a team that has always changed my life. I get to play soccer with Haiti’s finest tomorrow. I get to play soccer, period.  Excited? No. Ecstatic! Complaining? No more. Now I will wake up, and, as Alena’s dad always says, “Seize the day!!!”

London Experience Meets Reality

Bay Area Breeze in Scotland

Lucky. Blessed. Those are words I’ve used constantly over the course of my recent blogs as I gave the account of the Breeze trip to Europe. I still believe this. I’ve been lucky and blessed. So much that I’ve forgotten to keep up with the ins and outs of friends and family back home. I’ve forgotten to check the news, to ask how people are doing, to be present in my absence.

Something devastating was happening as my team and I were experiencing feeling so lucky and blessed. If you haven’t heard about Hurricane Isaac, please stop reading this and go google it or turn on the news. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been preoccupied by feeling lucky and blessed and haven’t heard a word about it until you finally opened your computer to do something other than talk about how lucky and blessed you felt. I hope and pray those friends and family members I know and all others in harms way of this hurricane find shelter and hope.

I don’t want to seem like I’m making any of this incredibly unfortunate news about me and my lack of knowledge about it, but I am seeing a huge lesson here in my life. Soccer is a beautiful sport. It has given me a platform to do things most people would love to do, but will never get the chance to. It’s a game that has allowed me to transcend over language barriers, run past economical differences, and skirt most of life’s natural demands of a 9 to 5 job. But no matter how amazing and impactful this game has been for me, it still just remains a game. An avenue. A tool. Don’t get me wrong, I still whole heartedely believe this game is magical in so many different ways, but I’ve seen that it can also cloud my view of looking past those 90minutes to see other people. How can I not see that I can be present in my dreams while workin my tail off to make some else’s come true?

Speaking of dreams, a girl joined this team for this trip who wants to be a writer. I believe with every fiber that she can be. I’m telling you, she’s got the makings of one of those writers that makes books you can’t put down. Soccer brought us together, but what I do with that bond is my choice.  Another girl came into my life via the Breeze who is so passionately driven to a soccer program that helps homeless people get an opportunity to travel to a World Cup game. Will she go to these games? Maybe, maybe not. But she would work until she was blue in the face to get just one person off the streets and on their way to Brazil. I met a girl who’s so stinkin’ good at the game of soccer, but has a hidden passion for art. I believe that with how driven she’s had to be in soccer over the course of her life to have gotten to this high of a level, she has the tenacity to do anything she wants to in the field of art. The Breeze welcomed back an original Breezie Baby who has committed herself to moving back across the country to California because her heart is telling her to, and she’s listening. Tell me the last time your heart said something you need to do that intimidated you and you pretended like you didn’t hear it. I just did that five minutes ago. But she’s actually listening to hers. She’s taking, not just a jump, but a huge leap of faith and following her gut. Admirable doesn’t even begin to explain this action.

So, to those girls with hearts bigger than the empire state building, and to all my other teammates past and present who have impacted my life, I promise you this: if there is ANYTHING I can do to help you achieve those dreams, I will. Not just because they’re so much more tangible than you could ever imagine, but because I’ve just read article after article about families suffering from a natural disaster and know that we don’t have any time to not chase our dreams, especially the ones outside of the pitch. We don’t have any promise that we can do it “when we get older” or “when we’re done playing.”  I’ve used soccer as my motivator and dream for so long that I’ve forgotten that I can be motivating the people around me with theirs while I chase mine.

Breezies, we are so lucky and blessed to have been taught such huge life lessons through soccer. We’ve been taught how to persevere, how to take care of our bodies, how to get along with a group of other strong willed, intense people. We’ve learned to meet and gel with new people, to respect authority, to work hard at a skill for hours on end until we get it right.  Those lessons are invaluable and we were given them at what cost? I’ve learned I need to use them for the good of more than just my soccer career.  If you’ve heard any of how Alena and I started SULA, you would agree that we’ve been lucky and blessed through the whole process as well.

If you’re reading this, and there’s something you have been putting on the back burner, but you know in your heart you can achieve it,  do it. Today, in a hour, right now! Why not? I have a few things I am going to start today. Changing my life is one of them, anyone want to join me?

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